Face Tracking with OpenCV

There are 3 components to the anti-smile Robot. The face tracking, the servos, and the anti-smile device. These all work together to build up a system that can stop anyone from smiling. Also if you’re curious as to what OpenCV is specifically here is a link to their website: Click Here


David Tuvshin

Area of Interest

Electrical Engineering/Robotics


Archbishop Riordan Highschool


Incoming Junior

Third Milestone


For my Third Milestone, I 3d modeled and printed a turret as well as get a placeholder for the anti-smile device, a laser. I used Fusion360 to model the turret and used my Ender 3 Pro to print out the pieces required to assemble the turret. If you are interested in 3d printing and want to get started you can check out the printer here: Click Here

Second Milestone

For my second milestone, I achieved servo control with the Raspberry Pi using an Arduino Uno. Using Serial communication, I get the raspberry pi to tell the Arduino when and where the servos should rotate. From there I can build a turret in order to effectively translate those movements into something that can shoot a person in the face.

First Milestone

For my first milestone, I acquainted myself with OpenCV, an open-source cross-platform library which is used to handle real time computer vision. This includes face detection, forground cropping, filters, and more. I downloaded OpenCV on the Raspberry Pi, a mini computer, from there I was able to get some basic face detection working as well smile recognition using the included haarcascades. To learn more about haarcascades here is a link: Click Here

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