This project is lightsaber assembled using various plumbing items and neo pixels. The neo pixels were programed through an arduino nano r3.


Erynn Goldstein

Area of Interest

ie Electrical Engineering


Trevor Day


Incoming 8th Grader

Bill Of Materials and Schematics

Final Milestone

For my final milestone I replaced my broken Arduino and uploaded new code to it. I also wrapped the legs in packing foam allowing the saber to look more realistic. A challenged I faced while working on this project was my Arduino breaking. It forced me to work without a switch. I overcame this problem by working with a new Arduino and learning the importance of electrical tape. This has taught me to always take electrical precautions in the future.

Second Milestone

I uploaded the star wars light sequence to the neo pixels and added a battery. The new light sequence was programmed into the arduino. The battery was added by cutting the cable that connects to the battery. From there i wired the ground to ground and put both power cable onto different pins of the switch. I did this so that when you press the switch the pins connects and the power creates a closed circuit. A challenged I faces while working on this project is that the hole for my switch wasn’t big enough. I overcame this by drilling with a larger bid and sanding the rest off. In the future I will make sure to look at all of my parts carefully so that I don’t miscalculate and waste time.

First Milestone

I programmed the neo pixels and soldered the Arduino onto the circuit board. Neo pixels run off of three main wires, red power, white ground, and green signal. I soldered the neo pixels wires to the Arduino wires allowing for ground to ground, power to power, and signal to signal. Through this I learned how to program Arduinos as well as work with neo pixels. A challenge I faced while working on this project was that i messed up my original connection for signal. I worked through this problem by cutting the wire, stripping it and starting over. This step of my project has taught me a lot about neo pixels and Arduinos which will be useful for the rest of my project as well as any other projects I may complete in the future.    

Starter Project

For my starter project I made the Minty boost, It is a small battery powered usb charger. I made it by soldering components including resistors, capacitors, boost converters, as well as other parts. A resistor is designed to buffer or resist the passage of electrical currents. Capacitors store electrical charges. A boost converter is a DC to DC converter that raises voltage from the input to the output. The two double AA batteries supply a total of 3 volts and the boost converter raises that to 5 volts. The capacitors make sure that the voltage remains 5 or below so that the device being charged doesn’t overheat and break. While attempting to complete the project the double AA battery holder broke off from the circuit board. One of my peers helped me by explaining that I didn’t need to get the remaining solder out of the hole but simply apply solder to the wire and attach it on top of the filled hole. Something I disliked was how small some of the parts are. It was easy to lose and confuse the various parts. An aspect of the project I enjoyed was soldering because it allowed me to expand my previous soldering skills that were minimal or incorrect.  

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