Home Security System with Temperature  Sensor

Hi my name is Emmanuel and I am a rising sophomore at KIPP Houston High School. I really enjoyed this program and hope to do it again. I want to continue building interesting, and cool projects such as my home security system with a temperature sensor for my main project and the Minty Boost Charger as my starter. This is one of the best things I have ever done and the most advanced. I’d like to thank these people for giving me the idea (http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-laser-detector-with-keypad/) , (http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/TemperatureHumidity)


Materials List

Bill of Materials

Schematic of Main Project

Schematic (1)

Arduino Code of Main Prooject


Main Project Mechanical Drawing

Mechanical Drawing



Home Security System with Temperature Sensor

My final video is posted below as to what everything looks like and how it all works together as a system. You will see all of the wiring and also what it looks like in the enclosure. This is a very interesting and cool project go check it out.

Emmanuel demos his completed home security system!

Home Security System with Temperature  Sensor

My third accomplished milestone is having the temperature and LCD screen functioning along with the home security system without any interruptions. My next step is to take it apart and recreate it to fit in a box that will contain everything.

Emmanuel's third milestone for his security system!

Home Security System with Temperature  Sensor

My second milestone was to get the whole home security system working together. I had to combine the code into one and make sure they didn’t interfere with each other. The next steps are to have the LCD screen and temperature working along with the home security home.

Emmanuel discusses his second home security system milestone!

Home Security System with Temperature  Sensor

My first achieved milestone was to get the keypad working. I looked up the datasheet of it and also had to download the keypad library on the Arduino website. My next steps are to get everything else plugged in and have a full Arduino code working; all the components should be running, and working together.

Emmanuel demos his security system first milestone!


This project was a project where I put sweat, tears, and blood literally. It was very complicated for me but I learned more than I thought I would. If I could redo this program I would and wish it would last longer that way we can do more than one project.

Minty Boost Battery Pack

The Minty Boost Battery Pack is a “charger” or extra battery that you can use to charge your phone when a wall socket or car socket. It goes through a circuit that uses a LR1302 chip with a resistor, an inductor, and a diode that would use 2 AA batteries (3V) to convert to 5V. One troublesome thing about it is that you need to always have to 2 AA batteries.

Emmanuel talking about his minty boost starter project!

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