Fingerprint Scanner Lock


Elvin K.

Area of Interest

Civil Engineering

High School

Monte Vista High School


Incoming Sophomore

Final Milestone

For my final milestone my goal was to have everything working together. How it works is that when I put my fingerprint in it turns the servo which is connected to a wire and spins the lock out and back. Some of the struggles I faced with this was at first I had my servo programmed to turn 180 degrees but when it spun the meta; wire would bend and fall off the top sinning piece. Instead I changed it to 120 degrees so that it would just spin enough to spin the lock out and not enough to bend the wire. What I learned from this was how servos work. At first I thought I would have modify my servo to turn continuously but it turned out I didn’t have to do that. So I had to learn all the components and piece it back together. I would to thank this program for sparking my interest in this field and teaching me how to program and use Arduino.

Second Milestone

For my Second milestone my goal was to have my servo working. How it works is that in the code I have it programmed to turn 180 degrees and then a 1 second delay in-between the next spin. Some of the struggles I face with this was that at first I had a 15 KG servo which was twice as big and connected to an external power source and bread board. I switched motor and wires and nothing was working until my instructor gave me ma micro servo that I plugged into my Arduino which then worked

First Milestone

For my first milestone my goal was to have my fingerprint sensor store my fingerprints. The wires are connected to both the sensor and the arduino board. The code tells the sensor and the board to store my fingerprints and recognize them. 1 thing I learned from this was how to use the arduino IDE. Before this for my starter project I used the web version but for my main project I switched over to the IDE and learned how the libraries and other things worked. Something I struggled with was how to transfer files from my folder into the IDE library and then enrolling it into the sketch.

Starter Project

Hi my name is Elvin and I am a rising sophmore at Monte Vista High School. The name of my starter project is the digital trumpet and I chose it because it was the most fascinating to me and seemed like,e the most interesting and challenging to me. How it works is that the wires are connected to the buzzers, bread board, and Arduino and when the buzzer is pressed the board recognizes that and the sound goes off. What I learned from this is to look at diagrams closer because I spent two days trying to figure out why my buzzers weren’t going off and when I looked over the diagram once again I saw that I had polarized the buzzer and once I turned it around it started going off and I was overcome with joy.

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