Dominick G.

Hi, I’m Dominick and I am a rising sophomore at KIPP NYC College Prep. My starter project I decided to create a Mini POV 4. I decided to build this because I want to create an image to show people what I have created. For my main project I decided to build an omni directional robot. I decided to do this project because I want to have a moving robot go in all directions without constraints.


Dominick G.

Area of Interest

Computer Science Engineering


KIPP NYC College Prep


Incoming Sophomore


My experiences at BlueStamp is that i got the chance to learn more about coding and the process of building different objects. One of the projects for example is the omni directional robot. I struggled to complete the project because I had coding issues and physical issues with the robot itself. But, at the end I always found the solution to the problems and made the robot move without having any struggle or interference from any other random object. What I learned at BlueStamp is that through struggle, you will eventually reach your goal and accomplish what you are looking for or close to what you are looking for.

Final Project

For my final milestone my Omni directional robot was able to turn move in all directions without any troubleshooting. It can move in the directions a car can’t go at like bottom right, bottom left, top right, and top left and also the directions a car can go like forward, back, right and left. The problems I came across is that it didn’t work with the controller and it couldn’t move with the movement of the joysticks on the wireless controller. I solved it by trying different receivers and only one could connect and work with the wireless controller and move the Omni directional with the movement of the joysticks


The omni directional robot is a robot that can move in all directions and turn 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise. Using 2 wire motors it can be controlled by using a wireless controller with a receiver to connect it to the arduino. The code in the arduino allows the servos to be controlled by the controller and move in all directions with the movement of the joysticks and its values. The way the omni directional robot is being powered is by a rechargeable battery. With the battery it doesn’t need to be connected to a computer to get the power and only have a limited amount of space to move. It can move in all directions and rotate clockwise and counterclockwise which is not possible for the cars today and the omni directional robot can rotate and move in all directions with ease and no trouble.


Omni Directional Robot  GitHub link


Second Milestone

In my second milestone I was able to rotate my robot both clockwise and counterclockwise by clicking my buttons on my ps2 controller. I also was able to create my platform in a hexagonal shape to make my robot spin in all directions. Some of the problems that I faced is the coding that didn’t allow my servo to spin with the control of my buttons. I solved it by learning that the Arduino reads a graph that allows the servo rotate at different speeds clockwise and counterclockwise.

First Milestone

In my first milestone I used code to control the servos and made sure there was no wrong code. Some of the problems I faced was that some of the code was wrong and it didn’t allow my code to work. The way I solved this problem was by searching up a way to solve my problems and fix my code so that it doesn’t have any problems.

Starter Project

My starter project I decided to build a Mini POV 4. The Mini POV shows how wires connect to the board and pass through the diode and go to the LED lights. The arduino is the command center that helps the LED lights keep a pattern and keep it without losing it. The diodes also help the current flow go in one direction.

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