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  • Dika

    Hi David,
    I am also interested in going into biomedical engineering, and was wondering what basic skills would one need to create projects like yours? For example, basic Java coding, any mechanical skills, physics knowledge etc. I am also interested in joining BlueStamp, so what skills did you previously know before the program that helped you in the project?

    • David

      Hey Dika,
      That’s glad to hear it! It’s a fantastic field and it’s really going to be making leaps and bounds in the coming years. I think it really depends on what you do. There are a bunch of different ways to pursue the field, such as through electronics, prosthetics, nano particles, and other cools approaches that are currently being developed.

      Even for BlueStamp, I think it’s important you think about what you would like to focus on. I decided to build the stethoscope partly because I wanted to get more involved with electronics since the year before I build a robotic arm that was almost entirely mechanical. While you can never really do one without the other, you can still have a huge say in what you would like to do most of, which in turn will help you develop a scope for your project. All those skills you listed are great and it helps to be well-rounded, but at the same time you might be using some of them a lot more than others.

      I think just a basic understanding of everything going and getting any exposure to thehands-on skills would help if you have the resources available, such as a couple of tools or an arduino with which you can just make an LED blink. Your physics knowledge doesn’t matter that much I would say since high school physics doesn’t go that deep in depth and I did my first year at BlueStamp without it just fine.

      I’d say go out and find what interests you and focus on the skills that those projects require. Anyhow, I’m sure you’ll make the right decisions!


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