RC Tank

The RC Tank is a robotic, remote controlled tank that is powered by a gearbox and an arduino.


Darryl F

What I want to do in the future

Mechanical Engineering


The Park School of Baltimore


Incoming Sophomore

Second Milestone

For my Second Milestone, I added Amazon’s voice control service, Alexa. I chose Alexa over Jasper because I have an Echo Dot and Alexa activated smart light bulbs at home.

First Milestone

First Mileston Video

My first milestone was to complete the chassis for the tank. What it does as of right now is move with the gearbox. How I assembled it was that, first I made the gearbox, then I assembled the chassis. After the chassis was complete, I added the wheels and the tank tread. The way it moves is that there are 10 wheels. 2 of the wheels are connected to the gearbox. Around the wheels are tank tread, when pushed forward, the wheels turn, making the tank tread turn as well, which makes the whole tank moves. Connected to the gearbox are two motors, which are going to make the gearbox move. Connected to the wheels are axles, all but two of the axles go through the base of the tank. The other two go into the gearbox. Connected to the motors are four soldered wires, two wires connected to each motor, these are going to be connected to the Arduino so that it can receive power from the battery pack. 


Circled in red is my gearbox, mounted onto my chassis
Here, circled in red are my tank treads


My Starter Project Video

My starter project was TV-B-Gone http://www.adafruit.com/products/73 . It is a device that turns off most TVs with just the click of a button. When you hold the device in front of a TV, it send out infrequence that turn the TV off. I loved making this because it is really fascinating to use and I can now mess with my family. One thing that I learned is how to solder. I have never done that before and it seems like a crucial part of engineering. Another thing that I learned is that sometimes you need to step back in order to advance. I was really reluctant to restart because I had done so much but then I realized that I would not be able to move forward if I did not restart. I have never really worked this independently on a project and it was a great experience. It really set me up for the main project and I am ready and looking forward to building my RC tank.


Side View of my TV-B-Gone
Birds-eye view of my TV-B-Gone

How it works

When the button is pressed, the LED’s flash and turn off the TV. It is powered by 2 AA batteries through a battery pack. An LED is a light-emitting diode that emits light when a current flows through it. A diode is a semiconductor device with two terminals and only allows current to flow in one direction. The blasters on the remote are IR LED’s which is most common for remotes. IR stands for infrared. Infrared light is a type of light with electromagnetic radiation. The reason we cannot see infrared light is because the wavelengths are longer than visible to the human eye. So you will have to check if it is working through a camera. There is one button which is supposed to act as a turn off button for the TV. There is also a resonator that runs at 8.0MHz. The resistors control the power of a micro-controller pin and are designed keep currents under 100mA. The way it works is that the small computer chip in the device mimics the frequencies of all TVs in its database. The TV sees it and emits the light and it turns off.


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