My name is Dannielle and I go to Promise Academy High School. For my starter project I created a voice changer. It allows you to change the sound of your voice into a high pitch, low pitch, vibrating voice, and a robot voice. For my main project I created an LED necktie that lights up when you talk or make a noise. I chose these projects because they both seem like different projects that would amaze anyone and even myself if I completed it. Both projects were pretty challenging since I have no experience in engineering at all, but I overcame that challenge by completing both of my projects.

Main Project – LED Necktie

S1050005      S1050003


Milestone 2

For my second milestone I added a different color to my necktie. When my necktie is on but there is no sound, the color of the neopixels are a light purple. I was able to change the color to a light purple by changing the strip color in the code to 3,0, and 5. These numbers allow me to add the color I want my neopixel to light up in. I added a battery pouch to the back of my tie. I also added lace to my necktie to add a dash of my personality in it.


When I put together the circuit elements in my tie, I followed an instructable that can be found here.

Milestone 1

Danielle C - 1st Milestone

My first milestone for my LED necktie was to actually get my tie to completely work. My tie consists of 1 flora board, 15 neopixels and one mic. A flora board is an arduino compatible micro controller. Neopixels are individual color pixels. When I speak or make a noise, the mic sends a signal to the flora board that tells the pixels to light up a certain way. One problem I had with my necktie was the connection between the neopixels and the flora board. I noticed that the conductive thread was not tightly secured around ground and positive, so I had to resew those two over so that there would be a good connection. For my next milestone, I plan to add different colors to my necktie and maybe even patterns.



 Starter Project – Voice Changer

Dannielle C - Starter Project
My Starter project was the voice changer. This cool invention can modify your voice into different sounds, for example a robot voice. The project is powered by a 9V battery. It releases an electric current that powers up the voice changer. The capacitors and resistors play a big role in my project. They form a low pass filter that suppress high frequencies to pass through. The IC chips are extremely important also. Chip HT8950 allows me to actually change my voice by using the push buttons. Chip LM386N amplifies my voice. There were many problems that I ran into that kept me from finishing my project on schedule. One problem was that I soldered a resistor in the wrong spot. I had to desolder the resistor which was pretty difficult. Another problem I ran into was that I placed the IC chips in backwards. Luckily it doesn’t matter which way you put the base of the IC chip. It matters which way you place the IC chip. This project was an awesome challenge and learning experience for me. I can’t wait to start my intensive project.

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