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  • Katie Ibeh


    Blue Stamp is such a valuable experience. I heard that you have had the same work ethic at Blue Stamp that you have in every other aspect of your life. I hope you are able to see the fruit of your grit and diligence. Please know that your NCA family is very proud of you for using your summer time to make yourself a more holistic student. Keep up your work ethic and stay positive all the way to the last moment of the last day. We look forward to seeing your final project when you return to NCA at the end of August.

    Mrs. Ibeh

  • Tina Scorzafava

    Amazing work to date, Collins! We at NCA are extremely impressed with your creativity, enthusiasm and diligence, even when you had some project difficulties. Keep up the great work and I look forward to discussing your voice changer project with you in August. Well done!

  • Nicole Palmer

    Great job Collins! So happy you had the opportunity to work on these amazing projects and be a part of the Blue Stamp program!

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