Hi, my name is Claudia and I’m a rising junior at KIPP King Collegiate High School. I have always wanted to become one of the best designers the world has ever known. However, in order to do so, I realized I would have to expand my knowledge in other topics. Bluestamp is one step in my path there. I know that this program could open multiple academic doors for me.

I have always enjoyed building things like the birdhouses and lemonade stands I built as a kid to the computer I built with old parts. I’ve started looking for more ways to expand my engineering toolbox. Between learning to code, building physical structures, and learning the basics of electronics and soldering, I know I’m on the path to achieving my dream.

Starter Project : MintyBoost USB Charger

For my starter project, I built the MintyBoost USB Phone Charger from Adafruit that uses two AA batteries as a 3V power source. In the circuit there is a number of components that are used to increase the voltage to charge ‘x’ device. For example, the four capacitors stabilize the current at which the voltages go, and stores charge in different places to get the voltage up to 5V.  The resistors “hold back” some of the voltage so it will not damage other components. The diodes control the current from the battery assure that it only flows in one direction. After we have the voltage set, the DC/DC chip, and the power inductor control the  voltage output by the USB Port.


Claudia R - MintyBoost (Starter Project)

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