My name is Christopher, I am a rising junior at St. Thomas Catholic Highschool. I have been very interested in BlueStamp from the day that they visited our school and told us about it. My starter project was the minty boost portable charger and my main project was the jasper voice control.



For my final milestone, I have finished jasper and have gotten the sphinx stt engine to work. I had a lot of problems getting it to work, but in the end, I was able to correct everything and fix jasper.


My main project is the jasper voice control system. For my first milestone I have successfully installed the TTS engine into Jasper. TTS stands for text to speech and is how jasper speaks. I am using the espeak TTS engine. Espeak is a basic and easy to use TTS engine, but it sounds very robotic. My next milestone will be when I can get the STT engine to work so that Jasper can understand me.



This summer I have built the Minty Boost as my starter project. The Minty Boost is a portable charger for phones. I had difficulties finishing the project when some of the resistors were not working and I had to put in new resistors. I was finally able to finish the Minty Boost. Now that I have finished my minty boost, I will be starting my main project. The Jasper voice recognition software.



bill of materials:





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