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  • Fantasyland

    Where are the colors?? It needs to be bigger, faster, freakier and have more colors!!

  • Shaman

    Too real! So cool. All those lights. How can one entity expect to interact within the framework that we live in?

    • Chanse B

      One entity can only interact with the framework that we live in because if it were to break those boundaries our perspective would be obstructed and we would not be able to see what lights are really.

  • Fadwoi

    its supposed to be1.forward2.left fwroard fwroard3.right fwroard right4.forward left fwroard5.forward right fwroard6.forward fwroard right7.forward right fwroard8.left fwroard fwroard9.left fwroardNOW the door opens

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