Cameron F.

My name is cameron freeman and i’m a rising sophomore and i attend promise academy 1 and i created the tv-b-gone has the ability to turn off multiple tude of television for all sorts of companies this creation Allows for you to be the most annoying person in the room messing with someone’s favorite show. picked this starter project because it allows me to do what I love doing and that is messing with people because my family watches tv it no one to talk to so it the tv keeps turning off they have no choice but to spend time with me.


Cameron Freeman

Area of Interest

ie Electrical Engineering


Promise Academy 1


Incoming sophomore

Final Milestone

Third Milestone

Second Milestone

First Milestone

I followed these instructions. I created an connection between two servos and two flex sensors to move the servos from 0 to 180 degrees. Using female to female wires I used the to establish an way of connect power , ground and signals.allowing the sensor to move the servos.I used an created code in to map the servo values from 460 to 710 to 0 to 180 to display degrees in the servo.

Starter Project

The tv-be gone is a starter project that is powered by two double A batteries which the ones i used are 1.5 volts each which equals to 3 volts. The kit can not have more than 5 volts or it could damage the kit.This kit contains two wide beam ir led and two narrow beam leds with infrared lights and a 3mm led. It contains a microcontroller with an 8 pin socket. And a 8 mhz Ceramic oscillator  to resonate mechanical vibrations and an ceramic capacitor  tis a fixed value capacitor in which the material act as a dielectric and a multitude of resistors that  implants electrical resistance as a circuit. AnIt also contains transistors that control the amount of current that flows through your pcb.It also contains capacitors that all four to smoothen out the current flow if there is too much it will take some and if it to little it will add some current.It also contains resistors that allow the board to control the amount of current if it is too much.

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