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  • Bill Whaley

    Dear Callie
    Your frustrations were cutting wires while stripping and burning yourself while soldering. 59 years ago I built an ECCO 100 watt stereo receiver and a Heathkit receiver took all summer but I learned to solder and strip and have used those skills for ever.
    You solved the science part with facility and that is the fun part isn’t it?
    Makes me jealous that I can not be with you to discuss your work as you solve the problems since as you know I can’t program a VCR or transfer a call on my cell phone. Build what ever kit there is now so you get the BLUE COLLAR SKILLS you need in a WHITE COLLAR WORLD.
    Love you Callie and are very proud of you.
    Grand daddy and Nana.

  • Joseph ABOAF

    Great Callie, lots to learn, now you can talk engineering with me, not that stopped you anyway….Enjoy!

  • bill whaley

    We are so very proud of you
    It seems your blip was cutting wires while stripping and burns with the soldering iron
    59 years ago I built an ECCO 100 wat stereo amplifier and HEATHKIT receiver took all summer
    but learned to identify resisters, capicitors etc and stripped and soldered 1000 wires
    build something and learn the BLUE COLLAR SKILLS you need in a WHITE COLLAR WORLD
    we love you Cal
    grand daddy and Nana

  • Celia Rushin

    I cannot even begin to comment on the science and engineering of this project .. just too overwheming. What I do undertstand is the lifelong value in your having learned to take more time, rather than rushing through a situation. You now recognize when soemthing does not go your way, you can bounce back and set your mind to solving the problem. I, now, do not even know the meaning of 20% of the words, but you have expalined your project so thoroughly that that I clearly understand the concept. I trust this project has given you the pride in yourself as it has given me such pride in you.

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