Second Starter Project

Hello, my name is Assane and my second project is the MintyBoost. The MintyBoost helps recharge a phone. One of the materials used to make the MintyBoost is the IC chip, which stands for integrated circuit. This chip increases the amount of voltage taken from the battery. The IC chip holder is an 8-pin socket which allows it to hold the IC chip. The electrolytic capacitor and ceramic capacitor are devices that are used to store energy in the electric field. Another material used is the resistor and its main function is to resist current. The inductor is an important material because it stores energy in the magnetic field. It also has a USB, a battery holder, and a circuit board. This project requires you to have a boost converter. Boost converter is a converter that increase the voltage and keep it at 5 volts. These are all the items and materials used to make the MintyBoost. The problem I had was being able to know where all the parts go and how to be able to put them together. The way I figure it out was going on the computer and look at the project’s manual.

Assane T - Starter Project #2

First Starter Project

Hello, my name is Assane and my first project is the grand mini piano keyboard. This project is easy to build but hard to operate. In order to operate it, you must be able to determine all the parts and their function. One of these parts is the IC chip, which is complicated to use because you must know how to find pin 1. In order to determine pin 1 of the IC chip, there is a notch located on the end, which is used to tell you the front of the chip. From there you have to count counter clock wise in order to determine pin 1. The function of an integrated circuit (IC) is to be a single component that can perform high-level tasks such as amplification, signal processing, or even sophisticated digital calculations as in the case of microprocessors. The Led light is important to the project because it light up to show that the project is working. The mini power switch is used to turn on the project and it is important because it allows the project to operate. The mini push button is important to the gram piano because it contain a song in the piano and this button help play it. The PCB speaker is important to the gram piano because it allowed the note you touch to sound better and louder to hear. The battery is one of the most important part of the project because it give the project the energy to function. The potentiometer is important because it allows you to control the volume of the speaker. The ceramic capacitor is important because decouples the IC from the power supplies.

Assane T - Starter Poject #1

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