Smartphone Controlled robotic arm

The smartphone-controlled robotic arm is an arm run of an Arduino Uno r3 a microcontroll.


Anirudh V

Area of Interest

Mechanical  and Biomedical engineering


Fremont High School


Rising junior


Extensibility – Where can it be implemented in the real world?

Robotic hands can be used in multiple professions for various tasks. Robotic arms can be part of the bomb diffusion force as they are designed to diffuse bombs without endangering humans. They are also seen on assembly lines programmed to do a specific task. Apart from all these robotic hands are also being seen under the prosthetics division in biomedical engineering as shown by the picture below. The types of robotic hands I described are usually programmed differently since they perform specific tasks. As I mentioned before the assembly line robots are usually programmed to do one task repeatedly. The bomb diffused robotic hand is similar to the one I built as it needs to be manually controlled with a remote just as I controlled mine with a smartphone. Finally the biomedical arm is connected to the brain in order to make it function in sync with the other limbs.

Third Milestone

For my final milestone, I was able to get all four servo motors working with the app. Some difficulties I had with this milestone were that the app and code were not working and the servo motors were overheating. I used the prebuilt app and code to get it working before my demo night. To stop the servo motors from overheating, I used the 6v battery pack rather than the 5v portable charger. I also noted that sometimes one grip servo motor wouldn’t work which I would definitely look into in the future. Another issue I saw was that the robot was jittery. I would fix this soon by adding capacitors. In the future, I would add ultrasonic sensors and maybe even add low AI. Through building this robotic arm I learned I have a passion for mechanical engineering and I also like to create Arduino projects. I can definitely improve my coding and debugging skillset. Overall I enjoyed building this arm and the Bluestamp experience was amazing.

Second Milestone

for my second milestone, I connected the Bluetooth module to my smartphone and got 1 servo motor on the robotic arm to move through the app. Throughout the second milestone, I had some problems that threw me off course. One was the HM-10 Bluetooth module not working and the other was the app not working. Every time I tried to connect to the HM-10 Bluetooth module I had a hard time since sometimes it wouldn’t power on or other times it just wouldn’t connect. I fixed this problem by simple rewiring and also added resistors to make sure it wouldn’t overheat. In order to fix the app, I deleted everything, took a tutorial, and made that app. For my next milestone I am going to get all servo motors working with the app.

Bluetooth module wired to turn on/off a LED

Bluetooth module wired to turn on/off a LED

Hover Box Element

This is the code I used in order to make one of the servo motors move through a Bluetooth connection.

First Milestone

For my first milestone, I made three of my four servo motors to run off a battery pack and perform a simple code. Since I went to Bluestamp last year and built a fingerprint recognition keypad safe, I was able to remember some main ideas on circuits/Arduino. However, I still took some time to review in order to avoid and major/minor obstructions. After reviewing I started to build my arm by using a screwdriver to put together the components of the arm. Building the arm itself took about 3 days and after I decided to start on the Arduino and electronics of the arm. I refreshed my memory on how to use a servo with an Arduino by watching a few videos. The connections took about a day when I realized part of my Arduino and one of my servo motors was getting hot. I removed everything and rewired the next day when I discovered that it was because I should be using a 6-volt battery pack and not the portable charger.

My milestone 1 circuit

Hover Box Element

For my first milestone, I got my servo motors to perform a simple code. I was unable to use all four servo motors since my Arduino was heating up due to battery issues.

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