Unity Game

The UnityGame is made up by code. Down to the simple movement to the movement of the camera.


Andy L.

Area of Interest

Computer Science and Coding


Abraham Lincoln High School


Incoming Sophomore

Third Milestone

My third milestone is adding mostly functional health/stamina bars. They were hard to make as the tutorial was dated didn’t have the featured there. The features where somewhere else. The place I found was in the UI sliders. They allowed me to make it so you can change the slider amount through code/script. This allows me to be able to make it look like health/stamina bars. Though it seems simple it is very hard and fusterating for someone who has no experience.

Second Milestone

For my Second Milestone, I tried making a new game that isn’t a ball. What I first did was try giving a pill movement and controllability. What I did was give the script for what ball. Which didn’t work, so instead I looked online and found a script that I could use. The script I chose worked so I decided to go try getting the camera to move by the mouse. It took a while and I had many difficulties. Once I found a script suitable for the task I put it in. I then edited a bit of it to get it where I wanted. When that was all done I found a problem with my camera tilting. I fixed later on with a better methods.

My First Milestone for the Unity game was making a mini game. The game was to roll a ball and to collect cubes. Their was some problems with collecting the cubes. The cubes didn’t disappear after I touched them. This was solved by fixing the script. Another issue was fixing the camera. Originally I made the camera the ”child” of the ball. What I was suppose to do was make a script that followed the ball.

First Milestone


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