Iron Man Arc Reactor

My main project is the Iron Man Arc Reactor. I am using a neopixel ring, color sensor, arduino nano, acrylic sheet, metal sheet and wires.


Andrew D

Area of Interest



Trevor Day School


Upcoming 9th Grader

Second Milestone

For my Second Milestone,

First Milestone

For My First Milestone of the Arc Reactor I wired an Arduino Nano to a neopixel ring using a breadboard and a button. I also programmed the button and the NeoPixel. What happens is when you press the button the neo pixel ring starts to light up in a sequence of different patterns   The Neo Pixel has digitally addressable LEDs that allow you to control large numbers of LEDs using digital communication to tiny embedded chips integrated into the LEDs which read the digital commands.

How to customize the modules

Starter Project

For my starter project I built the Useless machine. The Useless machines purpose is to turn itself off. When a person flips the switch on the machine an arm comes out of a trap door and turns the switch off.


How it works

The way it works is When a person flips the switch, it turns on the useless machine allowing current to flow through the motor causing it to turn counter-clockwise. When the arm flips the switch back, it reverses the current going to the motor causing the motor to rotate clockwise. When the arm hits the limit switch the machine turns off.  

Useless Machine Diagram

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