R/C Tank

I have created a remote controlled tank that utilizes an Arduino microcontroller. The tank consists of two motors which are connected to a gearbox and can be controlled by using a PS2 controller.


Neil K.

Area of Interest

Electrical Engineering


Fremont High School


Incoming Junior

Final Milestone

Final Milestone

Wiring Schematic


My final milestone is to demo my completed R/C Tank on demo night. My demo can be seen in the video on the left.

Picture of my Progress


Second Milestone

Wiring Schematic


For my second milestone I completed all of my code. My code allows the R/C Tank to move and stop. I used a library to help the Arduino communicate with the PS2 controller dongle

Picture of my Progress


First Milestone

Wiring Schematic


My first milestone is building the mechanical and electrical parts of my robot. In order to do this I first had to assemble my gearbox. Then I took my plate and attached the axles and wheels. Finally I put in the tread and screwed down my gearbox. Since I completed the mechanical part I proceeded to begin working on my electrical circuit. First I connected the motor to the motor shield and then I connected the battery. I also connected the PS2 controller dongle to the Arduino microcontroller and connected the Arduino microcontroller to the motor shield. Finally I soldered a switch to the batter so I have a proper way to turn the robot on and off. I also added an additional power supply to plug directly into the Arduino because the 6 volt battery I used to power everything else was not enough to power to run the Arduino microcontroller properly .

Picture of my progress


Starter Project: Motion Alarm

Minty Boost Schematic


My Starter Project is the motion alarm. The motion alarm takes input from the PIR sensor and causes the red LED to flash and the buzzer starts to ring.

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