This is not a digital clocl, nor an analog clock, this is a binary clock.┬áMy main project is an LED Binary Clock run by an arduino. For this mm project, you need: 13 LED’S, an arduino, lots of wires, 13 resistors, bread board if needed, 9v power supply or computer with code.

LED Binary Clock


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My Milestone: LED Binary Clock

Using a large code, the arduino is programed to sent a new signal to the LED’s every minute. The the positive LED’s on each LED are connected to a single ground and all the negative LED’s are connected to their corresponding pin in the arduino. There are 3 buttons inside the box: one to change the minutes, one to change the hours, and one to turn it on and off. Binary is a 2 bace counting system (consisting of 0 and 1). Rather than counting 1-2-3-4… binary counts 1-2-4-8… If written out is looks like this (0=0, 1=1, 10=2, 11=3, 100=4, 101=5, 110=6, 111=7, 1000=8…) If your trying to read a number such as 3 or 5, you maximally need to add. For example, to get 3 (11) you need to add 1 (1) and 2 (10) to get 3 (11).

Mintyboost Kit

This is a poratable charger powered by 2 AA Battery. All you have to do is connect the USB to you phone and it will begin to charge.

Electricity flows from the battery and the Bypass capacitors stabilize the incoming fluctuating voltage. The power supply capacitors stores and smoothes output voltage to prevent the charging icon on your phone from flashing on and off. The several resistors reduce the electrical current, preventing the circuit from burning out. The inductor induces a magnetic field, amplifying the voltage from 3 to 5 to meet the demands of the charging item while the boost converter acts as a on and off switch for the inductor. The Diode directs the energy flow to the USB so the electricity can flow inot the phone.

Mintyboost schematic


Mintyboost Explained


In my time in Blue Stamp Engineering, I was forced to be more independent and to use my own strange and resources rather than relying on others. Normally, I always get information from others In my time here, everytime I asked a question, the staff would say, “Google it.” This WA schallenging for me and was a great learning opportunity for me and good practice for the real world.

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