FINAL PROJECT                                                 7/31/2013

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                   Hi I’m Ali and my project is a Led Cube 3 by 3 by 3. This project was quite simple and fun to make. I had a great time creating this project. The way to make this project is by soldering diodes, capacitors and resistors. After I was done soldering everything the I started to put together the Led’s. The way you put Led’s together is you cut three holes in cardboard and put a Led in each hole and connect them by soldering them. You have do this three times. After that you have to flip the stacked Led’s and put them on the board and solder them to the board. Then you plug the led up to the 5v adapter and see if it works. In my case my Led did turn on. I was done building my cube in a week and spent 2 weeks trying to figure out how to program it. I didn’t get it until my friend helped me. I programmed my Led Cube to do certain patterns. I also know how to make all the Led colors the same color. My experience at BlueStamp has really been inspiring. I feel that I need to strive harder to learn more. I realized that there is a lot I do not know about engineering. BlueStamp has taught me 3D printing , coding, soldering, and how to set your life up so you can succeed.

Ali's Final LED Cube Video!

To see what my project’s schematic looks like click this link LED-333-Cube-v14


I am still doing the LED Cube. It is coming along very well. I have accomplished getting more of the LED’s to light up. I wanted to enhance my LED Cube project by putting sensors on it. The sensors serve as perks to help expand my project. The sensors that I got was the photo cell and the microphone. The photo cell sensor will turn my project on when there is no light. The microphone sensor will turn on the Led Cube on when it hears a certain sound. The way you program the sensors is by adding headers and then connecting the FTDI to the computer.

Ali's LED Cube Milestone 2


My project is a led cube. What is a Led Cube? Great question. An Led Cube is a bunch of Led’s, 27 to be exact that are stacked up and built up in a 3 by 3 by 3 cube. This project may seem simple but involves a lot of time and delicacy. When you first start you have to solder a lot of resistors. The colors on the resistors determines the amount of resistance it has. My first mistake was when I didn’t put the correct color resistors in the correct place. So I had to desolder it. By desoldering it, the board became damaged so I had to connect a separate wire to another part of the board. After four or five days I had all my resistors in and my other parts. I was just starting to fold the LED’s a certain way so that they would fit on top of each other. After a lot of patience, because the LED’s are very fragile, I finished folding and soldering all of them. I placed the LED’s in an order of 3 by 3 by 3 and finally I was done building. I then tested it and it worked!!!!! However, only half the LEDs actually lit up and I know I have some more debugging to do, but the whole cube will certainly work very soon!

Ali's LED Cube Milestone


Alassane Balde               6/26/2013

My project is very interesting. It can be used to help many people. A minty boost is basically a portable phone charger. In the minty boost there are two AA batteries, capacitors, inductor, diode, and resistors. I picked this project because I love to use my phone, and it dies really quickly every time I’m listening to music. If you would like to know where to get a minty boost you can go to

Ali explains his Minty Boost starter proj!
  • Lucian

    I found your video Police Flasher with 555 on youtube and it bhrogut me to your site. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for and I’m going to attempt once I can purchase the needed parts. The H1,H2 etc. are the leds correct? Have you tried this with 1w leds? still running the 12v. if I can get the flasher build I’ll try it with some led lights that I already have and post a video response to yours If it works.Thank you for the info.Nate

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