Abraham W.

My name is Abraham and I am a sophomore at Sar High School, (2017-18). For my main project I chose to do a 3D printed handed controlled by a glove based on this Instructible. I chose this project because it had a lot of electrical engineering and coding all of which I was interested in and because the end result seemed really cool.


Reflection I really enjoyed my time at Bluestamp. I learned a lot of valueable skills such as coding, soldering and making circuits. I also learned what types of engineering I enjoy more than others. Doing this program has shown me I can and inspired me to try making more projects in the future.


Abraham W

Area of Interest

Electrical Engineering, Mechanical engineering


Sar High School


Incoming Sophomore

Final Project

Here is the bill of materials – copy-of-bluestamp-bill-of-materials-bom-template

The code I made – Click Here

For my 3rd milestone, I made my prosthetic hand play Rock paper scissors. The way I did this was with the flex sensors already on the glove, the arduino detects rock, paper or scissors. the hand will then pick one of them randomly and show what it chose. The arduino then determines who won and shines a light. It shows Green if you win, yellow if tie, and red if you lose. If you don’t do any of the options all the lights go off to tell you that you made an invalid choice. The only problem with it is the hand struggles to move to the randomly generated position making it hard to tell if you won. I am trying to fix this with a new prosthetic hand that has multiple improvments to the design.

Second Milestone

For my second Milestone, I sewed the flex sensors to the fingers of the glove. I also screwed the servo motors into the hand and attached the strings ton the motors. The strings are threaded through the fingers which pull them when the servo turns. I

First Milestone

For my first milestone, I completed the circuitry needed for the hand and its code. All the flex sensors, servos and the arduino are working. the code make each flex sensor control a different servo. The flex sensors are powered from the arduino and the power is lowered with resistors. the servos are powered by a different battery since the arduino doesn’t supply enough voltage. The next step is sew the flex sensors to the glove and install the flex sensors in the prosthetic hand.

Starter Project

For my Starter project I made a mini POV. What it does is when you move it back and forth the lights flash in a particular way and allow you to see an image, since the lights are moving faster than our eyes can see clearly. Since it is moving quicker than our eyes we see the image because some light stays despite the mini POV moving. This works since the micro-controller coordinates all the lights so that when moving we can see an image. There are resistors to keep the power manageable and capacitors so it doesn’t flicker and ruin the effect. Ultimately it makes for a really cool effect.

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