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Two Programs | Two Incredible Opportunities

1. In Person Program, Palo Alto, CA

The 6-week program as outlined in The Program page is our in person program. This program allows the student to fully immerse themselves into the engineering process, use specialized engineering tools, and ultimately tackle a more difficult project.

For students who can not attend the full 6 week program, they may request to do a modified version of 2-5 weeks (full or half days). Regardless of time spent at BSE, all programs will enable students to develop basic project building skills. Projects will be scaled down proportionally for any students doing less than 6 weeks. Similar to the 6-week program, students in the shorter programs will still select their projects and build them individually.

All students and partake in all technical discussions with BSE staff, guest presentations, and other BSE activities.

In Person Program Logistics:

$ $4,600 All parts, tools, equipment, instruction included.
  • Weekdays June 13 - July 22 (off July 4th)
  • Mornings (8:30a-1:00p) or
    Afternoons (12:30p-5:00p)
  • Starter Project
  • Intensive Project Build
  • Customization and Personalization of Project
  • “Demo Night”
  • Certificate of Completion


Rates vary, please inquire

  • Multiple starting weeks available from June 13 - July 22
  • Mornings (8:30a-1:00p) or
    Afternoons (12:30p-5:00p)
  • Students attending the week of July 4th will attend one double session
  • Starter Project
  • Main Project (scaled down for shorter programs)
  • Certificate of Completion

2. Live Remote Program: Multiple 3 week sessions

Our remote program is available to students around the world. Similar to our in person program, students will select and individually build the projects from class. BSE instructors will mail a kit with necessary parts to your residence and provide LIVE instruction over Zoom in cohorts of 4-5 students.

Our remote program is 3 weeks long, 2.5 hrs each day Monday – Friday. Unfortunately, there are no customized schedule options for our. remote program.

Additionally, our students can join our Instructor Office Hours offered each day Monday – Friday.

Multiple 3 week sessions

$2,000/ 3 week session -
includes all parts, tools, equipment, and instruction
  • Dates: Multiple LIVE 3 week sessions.
    Select starting dates of 6/13/22, 7/5/22, and 7/25/22. (off July 4th; optional make up day on Saturday July 9th)
    Students may attend multiple 3 week sessions.
  • Times: 2.5 hours / day per weekday.
    Start times (Eastern time): 9am, 12pm, or 3pm plus optional “office hours” each evening
  • Monday - Friday Instructor office hours at 4 pm PST
  • Remote “Demo Night”
  • Certificate of Completion