BlueStamp in New York

Taking place in the upper east side at Ramaz Upper School.

Students will be challenged to create their passion projects in an advanced and inspiring environment.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to offer our in-person summer programs.

We are offering our highly successful remote program nationwide and encourage students to apply.

Two Programs | Two Incredible Opportunities

The 6-week program as outlined in The Program page is our recommended program. The benefit of the extra 4 weeks allows the student to fully immerse themselves into the engineering process and tackle a more difficult project.

The 2-week program takes place concurrent to the 6-week program and is offered every week during the 6-week program. This 2-week program is intended to provide students with basic project building skills. Similar to the 6-week program, 2-week students will select which projects they want and build them individually. The key difference between the 6-week and 2-week program is the level of project complexity. 2-week students are given project options that are simpler to design. In addition to this, 2-week students will not create online portfolios or film documentation videos.

2-week students will attend the same location as the 6-week program students and partake in all technical discussions with BSE staff, guest presentations, and other BSE activities.

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