Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. I do not know what I want to make or what I want my project to focus on.  Should I still apply to BlueStamp Engineering?

Absolutely! You will work with your lead instructor before the program begins to pick a project you are passionate about.

Q. Do I need prior engineering experience to apply? Are there any prerequisite science or technology classes?

No, BlueStamp Engineering does not require prior engineering experience or prerequisite science classes. An interview helps us determine whether students are a good fit for our program.  Applicants need to demonstrate that they are motivated to build STEM engineering projects in the summer.

Q. I am stuck between BlueStamp Engineering and another summer program, how do I decide?

While it is certainly a tricky choice, BlueStamp Engineering will provide you with an independent, self-driven work environment where you get to build, create, and keep a project you are passionate about.  Typically BSE style projects offer the greatest challenge and have no predetermined stopping point. We encourage our students to continue building, modifying, and improving their project to their liking all the way until the last day.  

Q. I have completed BlueStamp Engineering, got to complete two awesome projects and am headed off to do great things.  What now?

That’s fantastic! At BlueStamp Engineering you are part of our family of students and staff.  Let us put you in contact with the guest speakers who came in and spoke, write letters of recommendation for colleges, or keep us updated with your awesome accomplishments!

Q. When are applications due? Is there a deadline?

BlueStamp accepts applications under rolling admissions until all seats are filled. Please note that applicants are interviewed prior to receiving an admission decision. Since applicants are interviewed as their applications are received, we recommend that students apply as early as possible.

Q. Is BlueStamp Engineering a residential program

Unfortunately, BlueStamp Engineering does not offer housing.  Students selected to attend either the morning session (8:30am -1:00pm) or afternoon session (12:30pm – 5:00pm).  Past students who didn’t live near a BlueStamp location have stayed with relatives, or rented a dorm or an apartment for the summer.

Q. I cannot attend the whole 6-week program.  What options do I have?

Please indicate on your application the dates that you are unable to attend. BlueStamp will review your request and can provide scheduling flexibility on a case-by-case basis.

Q. How much does BlueStamp Engineering cost?

Each location is a little different but the pricing is listed below.  Click on each location to find out more.  Don’t forget BlueStamp Engineering does offer financial aid to those who need it.  Check out the financial aid application here.

Palo Alto: $3900

San Francisco: $3700

New York City: $4000



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